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Author Topic: 8.5.2013 - 2nd  (Read 1743 times)
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« on: May 08, 2013, 09:13:03 PM »

in following week/weeks will be finished:
Kagerou, Inazuma, Mizu no Tsuki
Tonari no Atashi
and definitely some oneshots, which ones will be surprise :) hope you like surprises  ;D

with my chara, I´ll most likely start some new series and doesn´t mean they must be ones we have listed in Future series list
of course, not only about to end and new will be released, but why to tell you everything beforehand, right? need to keep some secrets XD (well, at times I have no idea which chapters will make it by some time)

for shoujo series we picked recently we don´t have magazine raws to keep releasing them on weekly or monthly pace as they are released, so until they come online or books are released/get online, there won´t be much activity around them, sorry
we don´t have and don´t know any magazine providers; but if you can get us together with some of them for series we started or you want to request us to do, go ahead :)

yeah, many requests keep up coming these days, but even if I agree to do some, I still will only start when I feel like it
I don´t mind if you keep sending them, maybe I find some interesting among them :P
of course length might be best if it´s just about to end, so we won´t be halted with it for long; but long series might be nice too, so I won´t be completely kicking them away just because they were popular enough in Japan to be continued for long time
preferable are manga with furigana, so I can go fast with translating them to maintain our current releases speed and if we can get enough staff we hopefully get to 2 chapters a day - that´s my next aim  ;)
of course, requests doesn´t mean it need to be about new manga, if you want to give us any suggestions, you can too
if you don´t want to register just to come and say what series you´d like us to pick drop message in wordpress or mail me to one of my mails or any other way (all contacts are written here)

you know, our 1st anniversary is nearing and I want to make it a huge blast ::)

about why we´re not dropping Inari, though we dropped Tetsu: translator wants to keep it :) when she says she give up, that´ll be it for Inari

no idea if I wanted to say anything else, so I guess, that´s all
if I feel like telling you some other info, I´ll be spamming this board :) so come to read if you want
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