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Title: 15th release - out of blue
Post by: hemony on September 02, 2012, 10:58:53 PM
Yeah, it is, because Sense Scans yesterday offered me translations for 3 chapters of main story for Kamigurai. And today I can proudly present you first chapter from this historical demons manga, though it´s one of those that has just 1 volume, hope you´ll still enjoy it to the fullest  ;)

Kamigurai chapter 1 (

And I can always welcome new people to join staff :)
Trying to hook you on speeding things would be probably moronic idea with speed we are able to release though we just started 2 months ago (and it´s pretty logical that with more people speed should go up). But I really hate when I feel like I need to typeset, because I want to release chapter so if there are people that love typesetting and have free time, just come over :)
You can chose if you want to work only on some specific series!
And well, I wouldn´t to stress to get chapter ready