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Title: 29.3.2014
Post by: hemony on March 29, 2014, 07:21:24 PM
Little bit from Form answers:
1. Someone wanted us to redesign our site, so wordpress was changed.
2. Someone was asking for batoto uploads. - We won´t do that. It would be digging our own grave. It´s enough that we hardly have readers commenting on anything. If we put it on random readers we won´t even have these comments anymore.
3. Updates on popular series once a month -> what defines popular series?
4. Don't drop series. -> We are not dropping as long as we can help it.
5. To pick up more ongoing series from all existing shoujo magazines. -> We're not buying any magazines to start with and get our raws either online or from readers who offer them to us. So of course that won´t happen as long as someone won´t give us raws + we´re already over our heads in raws with series we have now. Plus asking for ONGOING is totally like kicking to us.
6. Focusing only on finishing 1-2 series at time. -> Sorry, that´s fundamentally impossible for us. Or more like, if we actually do things that way releases would drop drastically. Maybe 1-2 chapters per month or less.
7. catch on Hana - well, translator has her life + her other series (only a little earlier we had it catch up)
8. finish Overdrive - that´s something that may or may not happen. It would be great if we had proofreader who can do it aside from georgi who is always busy. But of course I´m not always in mood to translate it either.