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Title: 9.2.2014
Post by: hemony on February 09, 2014, 08:02:30 PM
It´s been rather long since I posted here something, but it´s not like it matter anyway...
Series dropped because scanner disappeared:
- Kimi to Koibana
- Nobunaga Sixteen

Things that will be dropped:
- Kamisama Game after c7 - no raws
- Rere hallo after c1 - no interest
- Material Puzzle - Zero Kreuz after v1 - no raws & no interest from readers, so no reason to buy

1/11 - won´ t be dropped yet

Things that are in danger to be dropped(probably not right away, but eventually maybe):
BMI - no raws (for now trying to get magazine issue with it)
Ice no Oto
Koukaku no Regios: Missing Mail
Lo-Fi After School
Mashiro no Oto
Over Drive
Shirumashi Pilgrim / Kai Pilgrim - no raws (not even published)
Uso Tsurezure
Why can´t Seiya Todoin, 16-year-old, get a girlfriend?
World Gaze Clips