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Title: Fantasista
Post by: hemony on December 15, 2013, 11:56:55 PM
Mangaka: KUSABA Michiteru
Genre: shounen, sports, soccer
Status: 25 volumes (complete)
Summary: Teppei Sakamoto is a boy living in the countryside. He loves soccer, and all his soccer skills were taught to him by his sister. Finally, his sister wants him to join in Mizumoto High School soccer team. Teppeiā€™s turn in life has come!! How will this soccer newbie fare in the new environment?

Joint with Artificial Demons ( for c1a-end of volume 16.

Volume 1-15 - done by other groups

Volume 16:
Chapter 133 - done by IMS
Chapter 134 - Download (
Chapter 135 - Download (
Chapter 136 - Download (
Chapter 1a - Download (
Chapter 2a - Download (
Chapter 3a - in process(cleaned) *dropped*
Chapter 4a - in process(cleaned) *dropped*
Chapter 5a - in process(cleaned) *dropped*

*dropped will be continued by Artificial Demons*
Title: Re: Fantasista
Post by: Nandina3 on December 16, 2013, 09:46:07 AM
Thank you so much for picking up this series!