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Mangaka: TOOYAMA Ema
Genre: Comedy, Harem, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life 
Status: 2 volumes (ongoing)
Summary: (from bu:) Tezuka Kanna, 15, is a girl who loves manga. For that reason, she specifically enrolls in a course for manga in Tokiwa High School as a freshman! No one knows though, that she is already a debuting manga artist. ...But wait, what's this?! Three handsome guys suddenly appear, and what's more they know!!! Kanna (God) vs. Those Guys (Devils)!!! What would happen next?!

*will be re-translated to Spanish by Takuma Usui no Fansub (
*will be re-translated to Italian by Anime's Sweet Land (
*will be re-translated to Portuguese by Kokoro Nin-Nin (
*will be re-translated to French by MagicScans (
*will be re-translated to Polish by Sencha Project (from c14 from ours trans)

Volume 1:
Chapter 1-10 - released by other groups
Chapter 11 - Released
Chapter 12 - Released
Chapter 13 - Released

Volume 2:
Chapter 14 - Released
Chapter 15 - Released
Chapter 16 - Released
Chapter 17 - Released
Chapter 18 - Released
Chapter 19 - Released
Chapter 20 - Released
Chapter 21 - in process(transing, cleaned)
Chapter 22 - in process(transing, cleaned)
Chapter 23 - in process(transing)
Chapter 24 - in process(transing)
Chapter 25 - in process(transing)
Chapter 26 - in process(transing)
Extra (c1 of her manga) - in process(transing)

*it got licensed in USA by Kodansha USA, so we┬┤re dropping it*