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Title: Tokyo Wonder Boys
Post by: hemony on May 30, 2016, 10:24:24 PM
Author: Shimoyama Kento
Mangaka: Date Tsunehiro
Genre: shounen, comedy, sports, soccer
Status: 1 volume (complete)
Summary: (from DrCoke) Hinomoto Kyuji is currently the biggest name in Japan's high school soccer league. Everyone expected him to go pro in the Japanese league, but he believes that staying in Japan would be a waste and thinks he needs to go abroad and enter the European league. Then, he meats Nanjo Ichimaru, another high schooler that eerily resembles Hinomoto's childhood favorite soccer player. Both Nanjo and Hinomoto get pulled into the SA Nishigaoka Japan league team, a weak and struggling team that has seen better days. Will these two be able to lead the team to victory?

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 - Download (
Chapter 2 - Download (
Chapter 3 - Download (
Chapter 4 - Download (
Chapter 5 - Download (
Chapter 6 - Download (
Chapter 7 - Download (
Chapter 8 - in process(transing)
Chapter 9 - in process(transing)
Chapter 10 + Extra - in process(transing)

*dropped, finished by other group*
Title: Re: Tokyo Wonder Boys
Post by: mugen on June 28, 2016, 05:36:32 AM
Thank you very much!