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Title: Feel free to decide which manga volume to get as next
Post by: hemony on April 14, 2015, 10:58:52 PM
This poll will be renewed once we buy series at top - so about every 35 months (See reason at INFO from 14.4.2015).
If series at top doesn´t have new volume yet, next one in order will be bought (it can cycle until series with volume we doesn´t have yet is decided on). If we find volume or missing chapters online before buying, then we won´t buy that one of course.
Series listed are ones we don´t have all books from + little info what is missing.

EDIT: Hiyokoi v14 was removed, because we got provider for this one already.

July: Hana-kun v11 (2 votes) - waiting for it being published, was put on hiatus because of mangaka´s health issues
October: Ashi-girl v3 (1 vote) - bought
December: Harigane Service v5 (2 votes) - bought
Marec: Futsumashi v3 (2 votes) - bought

Announcement: Well, I bougth almost all volumes we´ll need and will eventually buy the rest too, so I´m closing this up. Thanks for all votes up to now :)