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Title: Suggestion: Daisuki!! Yuzu no Kosodate Nikki
Post by: lablu1154 on May 01, 2013, 08:56:20 PM
Hello Everyone,

First, I would like to say thank you very much to everyone, for all the hard work that you do.  It is not easy, you all have lives and I wanted to say I appreciate everything that you have done and released.  They are amazing scans. 

I know that you are very busy with your other works, but I wondered if you would be interested in scanlating the manga:  Daisuki!! Yuzu no Kosodate Nikki by AIMOTO Mizuho (  I saw it and thought it was right up your alley.  The summary was very interesting and you don't see many projects like this that are scanlated.  The very idea of what could happen really piqued my curiosity.  Below is the summary from Manga Updates and if your group is interested, I have Japanese raws for this manga.

Thank you so much.  Sorry to bother you.  Enjoy your day.  :)



Yuzu, a 23-year-old mentally disabled woman with the mind of an 8-year-old, falls in love with Sosuke, a man with a similar disability. After Sosuke is involved in a fatal accident, Yuzu's family discovers she is 5 months pregnant with his child. Though Yuzu is intent on having the child, her mother, Miyoko, is immediately against it. After her family comes to terms with her pregnancy, Yuzu eventually gives birth to her daughter, Himawari. With many odds against her, Yuzu does her best to care for the daughter she so dearly loves.

Manga Updates link:
Title: Re: Suggestion: Daisuki!! Yuzu no Kosodate Nikki
Post by: hemony on May 01, 2013, 10:26:30 PM
Can you tell me if it has furigana (those small letters next to kanji)?