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Title: Dr. Duo
Post by: hemony on January 19, 2013, 05:51:48 PM
Author: KINOSHITA Shigeru
Mangaka: OOSAWA Yuusuke
Genre: shounen, medical, drama, supernatural
Status: 3 volumes (ongoing)
Summary: (From MangaHelpers) For Shinonome Keisuke, high school student Kotone Tasuku is the only person in the world that he can communicate with. Once a brilliant surgeon, Shinonome passes away at a young age, only to wander the world as a ghost, a ghost that only Tasuku can see and talk to. When an accident leaves Tasuku’s hot childhood friend Takeuchi Mai’s younger brother severely injured, the only way that he can survive is if Shinonome and Tasuku work together to become the most unusual and possibly talented pair of emergency surgeons the country has ever seen! [vyc]

*will be re-translated to Spanish by Usagi No Fansub (

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 - in process
Chapter 2 - in process
Chapter 3 - in process
Oneshot from past - in process

Volume 2:
Chapter 4 - in process
Chapter 5 - in process
Chapter 6 - in process
Chapter 7 - in process
Chapter 8 - in process
Chapter 9 - in process
Chapter 10 - in process
Chapter 11 - in process
Chapter 12 - in process

Volume 3:

*dropped, other group already working on it*
Title: Re: Dr. Duo
Post by: TueuseNoir on April 14, 2013, 06:49:11 PM
:D I really can't wait for this one!