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Title: Furansu Shiki Kottou Seikatsu
Post by: hemony on September 01, 2012, 04:31:20 PM
Alternative title: French Antique Life
Author: KINUTA Nana
Genre: shoujo, European style
Status: 1 volume (complete)
Summary: 19th Century Paris, France. On the banks of the Seine River, managing a small antique shop, lives the gifted, self-made shopkeeper William. Along with his promising young apprentice Henri.
The story depicts these two's many adventures together, and the incredible guests that they meet. A magnificent, quirky and romantic antique story!

*will be re-translated to Spanish by Forbiden Paradise (
*will be re-translated to Italian by Manga Diary (

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 - Download (
Chapter 2 - Download (
Chapter 3 - in process
Chapter 4 - in process
Chapter 5 - in process
Extra story - in process

*dropped, we don´t have chinese translator who´d want to do it*